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Tess in Venice releases Show Me Summer out on 1st September on Midnight Cat Records, Shares Video

Contact: music@midnightcatrecords.com

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‘Show Me Summer. It’s not about the weather’.

When Tess in Venice sings ‘Show me summer, and I will show you stars appear….’ she explains it’s more of a plea than a request for a beach holiday and that her new single is ‘an upbeat song about being downbeat when the sun is shining, a chant to pull yourself out of it’.

Hidden meanings aside it’s hard not to feel uplifted by Tess’ guitar laden alternative slant on a seasonal anthem out on September 1st via Midnight Cat Records which is packed with unbridled (if somewhat anti-summer) energy yet more than a touch of melancholy.

Accompanying the song visual artist Tess (who was born in Melbourne Australia and is long term based in London UK) is sharing her own striking album art and music video, which was filmed in Australia, Ireland, and London.

“Early Flo and the Machine flashed in my mind…..soon you feel like you are soaring…….The cadence and downbeats feel a bit like Arcade Fire with Tess In Venice’s artful inspirational aesthetic” – American Pancake

“Irrefutably original with a voice that could make an angel high-five her” – Penny Black Music

“Moving through classically influenced piano to guitar based songwriting with ease, she clearly has a wide range of talents including a fine voice. The four tracks on this EP are reflective and emotional and are delivered with real elegance and panache. Who knows where she will go next?”  – Glasswerk

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Tess in Venice (aka Tess Cunningham) was born in Melbourne Australia and began her professional performing career as a ballet dancer which saw her leaving home to tour as a teenager. She ended up   based in London, where she switched her focus to songwriting. Her debut EP ‘Let’s Compare Scars’ was a collection of piano songs, for which she coined the phrase ‘pianocore’ to describe the heavy subject matter set against elaborate piano compositions. Tess taught herself to play guitar and followed up with the garage swagger of ‘Flood Heart Fly’ in 2015, the lead single ‘Once Upon Timeʼ garnering national UK radio play and positive reviews. Keen to shy away from a predictable return Tess released ‘Polly Psyche’ in 2016, a seven minute classically inspired piano reworking of the story of Cupid and Psyche. Tess returns to the guitar for her new release ‘Show Me Summer’ out on 1st September 2017.

Please contact: music@midnightcatrecords.com